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Maintenance FAQ's

The residents of Liberties West should direct all Maintenance inquiries to Residential Life at 215.508.2212 or to Please include your full name, address, and the best way for us to contact you.

Hot Water
If you are experiencing lukewarm or no hot water, please allow the water to run for at least 5 minutes before calling in.

If your heat is not working, or not working well, there are several steps we would like you to take before calling in a work order.

  1. Determine if your radiators are hot, warm, or cold.
  2. If cold, please call in immediately.
  3. If warm, please ensure that there is at least 1 foot of space surrounding each radiator throughout your unit. This will allow the radiators to draw air in.
  4. If your heat is too strong, adjust your thermostat and wait at least an hour to see if there is any improvement. If it does not turn down, please call the office.

If your unit experiences a leak of any kind, please call our office ASAP, no matter time or day. If this occurs while our office is closed, please try your best to contain the leak.

All laundry issues should be addressed to Elmhurst Appliance at (215) 763-3000.

We do not provide Lock-out services. We will certainly serve you during normal business hours, if we are available, however if you are locked out after 5pm, please call a locksmith. 

The interior courtyard and parking lot is gated off from the public. If you see a suspicious person on the premises who is not a resident, please notify us after calling the police.

Pest Control
Please notify us immediately if you see a potential pest issue. This is a matter we take very seriously and would like to do everything we can to prevent the problem from spreading. 

Trash & Recycling
Liberties West Recycles!
As of 7/1/2010, there are two dumpsters designated for recycling, both are along North Terrace. Please break down all cardboard boxes before recycling. Both Recycling dumpsters are co-mingled, so please recycle as much as possible.
Trash should be placed inside the dumpsters. We do not accept large furniture, please call our office to arrange a bulk-pick up. There will be a fee charged. Fines will be placed to anyone who misuses or abuses our trash policy.

Only residents with a deeded or rented parking space may park in our parking lot. If you are a resident without parking, you may enter the parking lot with a car, but please use your flashers and be aware that you should only remain parked for brief moments of time. We have a contract with Steven's Towing ((215) 535-7775), who will tow any car without a permit that has been parked for longer than fifteen minutes.

We are aware that this seems stringent; however, we must reserve all spaces for their owners.

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